Public Engagement

Public Engagement

Please read before jumping to the Interactive Project Map and Project Evaluation Tool for background and instructions.

Initial Online Public Meeting – Fall 2022

An initial online public meeting was opened from Wednesday, November 9th through Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022. At that open house, stakeholders and the general public were able to review and comment on the following:

  1. Proposed projects, ranging among new roadways, roadway widenings, new interchanges, trails, and transit service.
  2. Evaluation criteria for these projects
  3. Potential funding sources for these projects, leveraging opportunities at the regional, state, and federal level.

The feedback from this initial online meeting was used to identify new projects, screen out other projects, and refine the scope of several projects. The feedback also helped shape an understanding of priorities across the county.

Second Online Public Meeting – Spring 2023

While comments are no longer being taken, the second online public meeting remains viewable below! Within this virtual meeting space stakeholders and members of the general public have the ability to view the refined list of proposed transportation projects and explore additional detail for these projects using two interactive tools below: an Interactive Project Map and Project Scoring Tool. These projects have been evaluated across eight general categories:

  1. Traffic Operations / User Delay
  2. Safety
  3. Access to Amenities and Population
  4. Economic Development / Jobs Access
  5. Equity
  6. Sustainability / Resiliency
  7. Cost Effectiveness
  8. Other Factors (e.g., Partnerships, Project Readiness)

Within these categories, the project team developed a number of individual evaluation metrics. For more information on the project evaluation metrics, please click here .

Note that all of these projects are in early planning stages and have not advanced into design, environmental review, right-of-way acquisition, or construction.

Interactive Project Map

The map below displays the proposed transportation projects identified through this planning effort. Click on a project to display more information, including project descriptions, evaluation metrics, and cost estimates.

Project Scoring Tool

This tool provides the ability to rank projects based on YOUR priorities. Each project has been given a 0 to 100 score for the eight categories described above. How do those category scores translate to an overall project score? You can play around with the tool below and provide weights for each category (note: these weights must add up to 100%). As you update the category weights, the project scores will get updated in real-time. You can also check the boxes on the right to include or not include certain project types, or to only include projects eligible for MARC or KDOT IKE program funding.